Track and Field

This morning we had a kindergarten version of Track and Field Day. Mrs. Bender and Mr. Cook’s classes ran four events for us. Students participated in the 80 metre run, ball throw, standing long jump and 150 metre run. It was nice to see most students trying their best in each event. We all enjoyed freezies this afternoon to celebrate.

We had a few students stand out in each event for their accomplishments.

80 metre run-Shaelynn, Nuoheng, Max, Yovia, Wren, Rowan and Hudson

Ball Throw-Jamie, Hudson and Rowan

Standing Jump-Caleb, Shaelynn, Danika, Marco, Luka, Rowan and Yovia

150 Metre Run-Yovia, Hudson, Wren, Nuoheng, Marco and Shaelynn

Year End Party

We will be having a class party on the last day of school before the summer holidays, Thursday June 28th. You may recall that in the fall we handed out a list for 3 class parties and we divided up the class in case families wanted to participate by providing treats for our parties. As always, sending treats is completely voluntary. Please do not send anything to school that contains nuts.

Here is a list of students that have been assigned to the year-end party, if they wish to participate:

Ben, Max, Rowan, Wren, Lorelai, Marco, Yovia and Nuoheng